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“Right Start gave me hope back”

Former Right Start Client

“Right Start has helped me to become a more Spiritual person”

Former Right Start Client

“Right Start has completely changed my life.I have been given new tools so I can live a better life”

Former Right Start Client

Taking The Right Start

Right Start Moseley is a drug and alcohol service with a proven track record of effective results; we are committed to excellence in providing a safe and supporting place to stay. We take our commitment to our residents seriously, using a collaborative, compassionate and person-centred approach. Our aim is to provide affordable and accessible services whilst maintaining a high professional standard. Right Start Moseley is a 24 hours, 7 days a week support service. Residents are nurtured  into examining themselves in order to address their addiction,  maintain recovery and  improve overall quality of life.

Furthermore we provide therapeutic activities, peer and key-worker support, along with flexible and individualised care-plans. We offer a clean and well-presented environment, with warm and comfortable surroundings. All food and beverages are provided by the service and we allow residents to have a large amount of input in the food we supply. We have a safe and friendly therapeutic atmosphere that is engineered and committed to long-term success and recovery. We  work in partnership  alongside other agencies to address all aspects that may need attention.

12 Steps

At Right Start Moseley we run a 12 Step program, our expectations of you will be to begin completing Step-Work.

We will provide you with books, support groups, one-to-one support and information to assist you with this. Furthermore we have volunteers on hand with lived experience of this program that can advice and guide you through this process.

One to One Sessions

At Right Start Moseley we understand the importance of time dedicated only to you. Therefore we provide regular one-to-one sessions with your allocated key-worker.

Maintaining Recovery

Right Start Moseley are pleased to be a able to offer you alternative therapies. This will include weekly ear acupuncture treatments to support your recovery during your stay with us. Ear acupuncture has  been used since 1970’s and has a good evidence base for helping bring about relaxation, reducing anxiety and pain, improving sleep and balancing mood.We offer Buddhist mediation to help your mood. We also offer therapeutic out door local activities with our partnership agency

Our resident ear acupuncturist Anna is highly experienced and is qualified to use over 70 ear acupuncture points to help alleviate your symptoms and calm your mind.

One To One

At Right Start Moseley we understand the importance of time dedicated only to you. Therefore we provide regular one-to-one sessions with your allocated key-worker.

Get The Best Help

Our goal is to  provide you with the best service possible. A key to success is the thorough knowledge of substance misuse practices which are most effective.

Compassion Focused Therapy

Compassion is proven to be highly effective in the treatment of shame and self-criticism. This therapy promotes compassionate understanding  to help to develop experiences of inner warmth, safeness, and soothing.

We will help you to cultivate qualities such as strength, courage, non-judgement, empathy, patience, and emotional resilience.